Sunsetting Government

Left unchecked, government will expand and metastasize beyond its original design, taxing everyday citizens as the regulatory burdens grow larger.

That is why I regularly author amendments to sunset new initiatives. No matter how well the original intention, over time government always finds a way grow, often at the expense of taxpayers and the private sector. Adding a sunset date forces the Legislature to reevaluate programs to ensure they are efficiently accomplishing the core mission that was promised at the time of the vote.

After earning a reputation as a watchdog for limiting the size and scope of government, Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick recently appointed me to serve as Vice Chairman of the Sunset Advisory Commission. The Sunset process in Texas is designed to keep the aforementioned government creep in check. Placing our agencies under sunset review helps restrain the size, scope, and cost of state government within the bounds of our laws and the Constitution.

Since its creation in 1977, the Sunset Commission has abolished 37 state agencies and programs, consolidated 46 bureaucracies, and saved Texas taxpayers nearly $1 billion. This process enables the Legislature to make meaningful changes to state government by cutting waste, improving accountability, and modernizing operations for a changing and growing Texas.

This session, the Commission will review 24 state government agenciesYou can follow the process by liking us on Facebook or following me on Twitter.

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