Solution Saturday Spending Caps

The growth in state government, fueled by greater spending of taxpayers' dollars, is a clear and present danger to liberty. The more government spends, or expands its reach by intrusive and unnecessary regulations, the more freedom it takes away from the people it serves. That is why meaningful spending caps are critical to prolonged prosperity and opportunity.


To address this, last session I authored SB 403, the Cap Government Growth Act. This bill expands the criteria for calculating the state's constitutional spending cap to include the state's population growth plus inflation and the rate of growth of the state's gross domestic product while requiring budget writers to use whichever rate is the lowest.


The majority of this legislation was included in SB 9 authored by Senator Kelly Hancock, which passed the Senate. Unfortunately, it was drastically watered down in the House to the point where it would no longer provide any meaningful reform, killing the bill. You can be sure I will be back in 2017 fighting to pass meaningful spending caps and additional protections against the growth of the government.

You can read more about my limited government legislative package by clicking here.

Without a watchful and vigilant eye government will naturally consume everything in its path. We have seen this happen in Washington D.C. and in state governments like California and New York. We owe it to our children and grandchildren to protect the limited government philosophy that has made Texas the leader in jobs and economic opportunity.  



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