Conservative Solutions

Each month leading up to the 2017 legislative session we will unveil a conservative solution I have been working on with local leaders and concerned citizens in our district. Please stayed tuned to my website, Facebook and Twitter for my next solution.

I have always maintained that the best ideas for legislation come directly from the people. If you have a policy solution you would like to discuss please contact me. I have a 100% meeting policy with constituents and I would be honored if you would share your ideas to better our state for the next generation.

Click each solution to see more on the issue: 


Stolen Valor

Property Tax Reform




Cut Red-Tape

Saving More Lives Than Ever

Rein in Executive Rulemaking

Saved Local Taxpayers Millions

Passed Landmark Voter ID Law

Stop the Expansion of Obamacare in Texas

Protecting the Rainy Day Fund

Passed the Truth in Taxation Rule

Easier for Military to Vote

Criminal Government Officials

Only Legal Citizens are able to Vote


Please help me spread the message on my conservative solutions for Texas and donate below. 

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