Combating Stolen Valor

The sacrifices made by our brave military men and women are beyond measure. Those who falsify this service for personal gain belittle the sacrifice made by all those who wore the uniform.

When I heard local news stories of individuals claiming fictitious military records, I was dismayed to learn that Texas law did not give express legal authority for employers to terminate a contract for such actions. In fact, as unbelievable as it may sound, there was a local government entity that was unsure if they had immediate cause to fire a contractor after it came to light they falsely claimed being a Navy SEAL with several decorations for valor. After talking with fellow veterans in our community, I immediately started working with them in drafting legislation to fix this problem.

I am proud to report the Texas Legislature offered a united front against this repugnant deception by overwhelmingly passing my two bills addressing stolen valor:
Senate Bill 664 – Provides employers with clear authority to terminate employees, or contractors, who falsify their military service in obtaining employment or any benefit relating to their employment.


Senate Bill 835 – Since the federal government rarely prosecutes the national Stolen Valor Act passed in 2013, the state of Texas has become the de facto authority. Therefore, this bill adjusts state penalties to more closely match the federal offense. 

I again want to thank the veterans in Senate District 8 for reaching out and helping craft this solution. I maintain the best ideas for legislation come directly from the people. These bills reflect a perfect example of this belief. While, proud to carry these bills through the legislative process, credit for their success belongs with the committed veterans in our community. Thank you! 

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