On Eve of Supreme Court Ruling, Taylor Vows to Rally Support for the Governor and Lead Texas Senate in Fighting Obamacare


PLANO, TX – State Senator Van Taylor today applauded Governor Greg Abbott for his leadership and decisive stance against extending Obamcare a “lifeline” in the event the Supreme Court rules that federally established exchanges are ineligible for subsides. Abbott and Taylor both anticipate that such a ruling could cause the collapse of the President’s healthcare law and offer Congress and states the opportunity to start over, allowing people to transition away from Obamacare.

“Contrived in backroom deals and riddled with broken promises, President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and their allies in Washington forced on the American people a $1.7 trillion dollar takeover of our healthcare system,” stated Taylor. “While plunging our nation further into debt, Obamacare has most harmed those whom the law was supposed to help. Healthcare premiums have skyrocketed, deductibles grown so large that insured dollars have become unreachable for many families, jobs have been killed, hours available for workers restricted, and the promise of the American dream pushed beyond the grasp of many striving to make a better life for their family.”

In the latest legal challenge to the implementation and executive overreach of the President’s healthcare law, the Supreme Court has until Monday next week to issue their decision on King v Burwell. In this case, the plaintiffs, David King and three other challengers, argue that the tax section of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) clearly states that eligibility for subsides pertain to a, "qualified health plan enrolled in through an Exchange established by the State” under § 1311 of the ACA. Washington is currently providing subsides to individuals living in states that operate both federally and state run exchanges.

If the Supreme Court rules in favor of the plaintiffs, individuals in at least 34 states, including Texas, would no longer receive federal subsidies. If this were to happen many predict that premiums would continue to rise as more people left the exchanges. This would then cause premiums to rise again and more people to leave in a phenomenon commonly referred to as the "death spiral."

This year approximately 1.5 million people dropped Obamacare coverage. This number, coupled with several insurance companies requesting double-digit premium increases, have caused some to argue Obamcare has already began a “death spiral,” regardless of the courts ruling. In Texas, Scott & White insurers are seeking a 32 percent increase and Blue Cross Blue Shield is requesting a 20 percent increase for their 2016 health plans.

Earlier this week Governor Abbott authored a commentary piece for the National Review entitled: “Congress And Governors: Just Say No To Obamacare.” In his commentary Abbott stated, “I am calling on my fellow governors across the country, and on members of Congress in Washington, to show some political spine and just say no to Obamacare. Now is not the time to throw Obamacare a lifeline — it is time to sound its death knell.”

Senator Taylor applauded Governor Abbott’s leadership and preemptive announcement that Texas would not bow to the political pressures from Washington and instead seize the opportunity to make meaningful reforms to lower the cost of healthcare and install free market solutions that empower individuals to make decisions that are best for them.

“The upcoming Supreme Court ruling in King v Burwell may offer Texas the ability to begin the transition away from Obamacare and fix the mess President Obama and Washington created. I applaud Governor Abbott for his decisive leadership and join him in asserting that Texas will not cave to political pressures from Washington,” Taylor continued. “At every step in the process, Obamacare has been a disaster. Instead of further subsidizing a failed program, if the Supreme Court rules in favor of the plaintiffs, Texas could find itself in a position to lead our nation forward with free market based solutions that lower costs, and put patients and their doctors – not government bureaucrats – in control of their healthcare decisions.”

Taylor has long been an outspoken critic of the President’s healthcare law. In the 2013 legislative session he helped rally conservatives in defeating attempts to sneak Obamacare expansion into the state budget, voted to close the loophole that allowed the Texas Health and Human Services Commissioner full authority to expand Obamacare without legislative approval, and helped pass the Interstate Healthcare Compact for Texas, which requests a permanent waiver from Obamacare’s most costly mandates and burdensome regulations. This past session Taylor fervently argued against an amendment to SB 200, the Health and Human Services Sunset Bill, which sought to expand Obamacare in Texas. The amendment ultimately failed by a vote of 20-11.

A seventh generation Texan, local small businessman, and decorated Marine Officer, Van Taylor serves the majority of Collin County and a portion of Dallas County in the Texas Senate where he is widely recognized as a conservative leader. Taylor serves as Vice-Chairman of the Nominations Committee and also as a member of the Education, Health and Human Services, and Transportation Committees. Van and his wife, Anne, married after his return from Iraq and are the proud parents of three young girls. Van and his family reside in Plano near the land his great-grandfather farmed during the Great Depression.



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