Bills a Reflection of Feedback from District Meetings

Austin, TX – Current Plano State Representative and Senator-elect Van Taylor, today pre-filed eleven bills addressing concerns brought to him by constituents during the interim.

“I have always believed the best legislation comes from the ideas of constituents. Over the past several months I have had the opportunity to meet with hundreds of concerned citizens and draft important solutions for Texas,” stated Taylor. “I am proud to file important pieces of legislation on behalf of my constituents that will protect victims of domestic violence, empower victims of child sexual abuse, open our access to water, revoke benefits from corrupt and criminal politicians, strengthen the Rainy Day Fund, make only legal citizens eligible for Texas education grants, rein in excessive and burdensome regulations, increase our energy production, protect life, and increase transparency in government.”

With more legislation currently being drafted, Taylor filed eleven bills on the first day to pre-file:

SB 112 - Protecting Victims of Domestic Violence Act – expands the power of emergency protective orders giving judges latitude to ban all forms of communication between the abuser and victim.

SB 113 - Child Abuse Victims Rights Act - eliminates the statue of limitations for civil suits involving sexual abuse of a child, allowing victims the means to pursue their perpetrator whenever they are ready.

SJR 9 - Texas REINS Act (Rules from the Executive in Need of Scrutiny) - allows the Legislature to oversee and reject new rules or regulations proposed by state agencies that are made contrary to legislative intent.

SB 109 - Opening Access to Water Act - establishes new deadlines for processing water rights permits, cutting the bureaucratic red tape that prevents North Texas from accessing water.

SB 116 - Maximizing the Rainy Day Fund Act – allows for fiscally sound investment practices to prudently grow the Rainy Day Fund balance.

SB 117 - Texas Grants for Texans Act - changes eligibility requirements for Texas Grants so that only legal citizens are qualified.

SB 110 - Revoke Benefits for Criminal Politicians Act - revokes government benefits and pensions from officials convicted of a crime related to the performance of public service.

SB 111 - Punishing the Insider Trading of Politicians Act – prohibits state officials and government employees from using non-public information, gained because of his or her position, when trading stocks and bonds or any other investment such as land. The bill further increases criminal penalties for those officials convicted of insider trading.

SB 118 - Majority Rights Protection Act – updates Texas unitization procedures to be similar to that of the other top-ten oil producing states, allowing a super majority of 70 percent or more of owners in a pool to move forward with field development.
SB 114 - Update Licensure Standards and Protect Life Act - includes abortion clinics on the long list of other facilities established by 2011 law that can be denied a license for another facility if a previous license was revoked, suspended, or terminated.

SB 115 - Transparency for Government Benefits Act - makes retirement information about legislators available by open records.

Taylor has always maintained a 100% meeting policy with constituents, something he will continue in the State Senate.

“I work for the people,” Taylor continued. “It is an honor to represent our communities here in Collin and Dallas counties, and I will fight every day on their behalf for limited and efficient government, more jobs, and a brighter future for our children.”

Widely recognized as a conservative leader in the Texas Legislature, Taylor has earned the “Taxpayer Champion” award from Texans for Fiscal Responsibility, the “Courageous Conservative” award from the Texas Conservative Coalition, was named a “Top-Rated Conservative” by the Texas Eagle Forum, selected to the “Honor Roll” by Young Conservatives of Texas, and received an “A” rating from the National Rifle Association. Throughout his tenure in the Texas Legislature, Taylor has consistently fought to rein in government spending, protect the Rainy Day Fund, and stop the expansion of Obamacare in Texas.

Van and his wife, Anne, married after his return from Iraq and are the proud parents of three young girls. Van and his family reside in Plano near the land his great-grandfather farmed during the Great Depression.