Property Tax Relief Petition

When I hear the fear in a person’s voice, worried they might have to sell their home because the tax burden has grown too immense, my blood boils. Government exists to secure the rights of the people, not tax people out of their homes.

The appraisal system in Texas was not designed as a vehicle for local governments to subvert the will of the people with backdoor means to increase taxes and government spending. Any system which seeks to silence the people belittles the principles of our Republic and cries out for reform. I will continue fighting for lasting structural reforms to our property tax system in Texas, but entrenched politicians and their taxpayer-funded lobbyists have vowed not to comprise and fight us at every turn.


The only way to defeat the determined big-government interest is for the voice of the people to echo even louder. Please add your name to the petition for property tax relief and reform below! 


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