What They Are Saying

“As a member of the Texas House, Van Taylor has done what he said he would do: put the principles of his constituents ahead of the special interests in Austin. That same commitment and integrity is needed now in the Texas Senate. Van Taylor has led the way in proposing commonsense legislation that protects taxpayers, strengthens the economy, secures property rights, and shines more sunlight on government. As a true Taxpayer Champion, Van Taylor has proven that he can be counted on to do what is right for a stronger, better Texas."

— Michael Quinn Sullivan, President Texans for Fiscal Responsibility

“A lot of people talk about being conservative, but Representative Taylor has put conservative principles into action creating meaningful solutions for our state. Van not only votes right, earning him a spot on our honor roll, but he knows how to turn conservative values into effective public policy. For these reasons we are proud to support Van Taylor in his run for Texas Senate.”

— Jeff Morris, YCT State Chairman

"Van Taylor is a principled conservative and an effective leader in the Texas Legislature. Rep. Taylor is an experienced and successful businessman who has a solid pro-tort reform record in the Texas House. He is acutely aware of the importance of lawsuit reform in creating jobs and strengthening the Texas economy, and TLR PAC is proud to endorse him."


"Van is a trusted pro-life leader, and has fought tirelessly for sound fiscal policies that would keep taxes low, government small, and preserve our Rainy Day Fund and AAA credit rating."

—Dr. Steve Hotze, President Conservative Republicans of Texas

"Van Taylor's true conservative principles and unique immunity to the excessive influence of lobbyists in Austin have served the constituency of Collin County and the State of Texas well."

—Mike Openshaw, Co-Founder North Texas Tea Party

“Van Taylor is an outstanding statesman and strong conservative who has honorably represented Collin County. I have seen his leadership firsthand and we need his experience and conservative values in our Texas Senate. The Conservative Hispanic Society is proud to endorse Van for Texas Senate and we encourage other conservatives to join us.”

— Steve Navarre, President of the Conservative Hispanic Society

“Representative Taylor is a staunch supporter of freedom in Texas. The conservative endorsements that Representative Taylor has received from across the state illustrate perfectly the integrity with which he has handled his office as State Representative of House District 66. The Texas Home School Coalition is proud to stand alongside Representative Taylor as he seeks to bring his deeply rooted conservative values to the Texas Senate.”

— Tim Lambert, President Texas Home School Coalition

Representative Taylor has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to protect innocent human life through public policy in Texas, and we would be honored to continue our close working relationship with him as a State Senator. Representative Taylor shares Texas Right to Life’s legislative goals and strategy, and he would be another asset in the State Senate for the Pro-Life cause."

— Elizabeth Graham, President Texas Right to Life

Other Endorsements

  • - State Representative Jodie Laubenberg
  • - State Representative Jeff Leach
  • - State Representative Scott Turner
  • - State Representative Scott Sanford
  • - State Representative Stefani Carter
  • - State Representative Angie Chen Button
  • - State Representative Pat Fallon
  • - Former State Representative Jerry Madden
  • - Collin County Commissioner Duncan Webb
  • - Richardson City Councilman Steve Mitchell
  • - Fairview Mayor Pro-Tem Henry Lessner
  • - Murphy City Councilwoman Betty Spraggins
  • - Frisco City Councilman Tim Nelson
  • - Frisco City Councilman Will Sowell
  • - Frisco City Councilman John Keating
  • - President of Texas Eagle Forum Cathy Adams*
  • - Executive Director We the People JoAnn Fleming*
  • - Former Collin County GOP Chair Kathy Ward
  • - SD8 SREC Candy Noble
  • - SD8 SREC Karl Voigtsberger
  • - Former Dallas GOP Chairman Bob Driegert
  • - HD 33 Caucus Chair Brian Fletcher
  • - HD 66 Caucus Chair Daniel Rudd
  • - HD 67 Caucus Chair Charles Christian
  • - HD 70 Caucus Chair Carroll Maxwell
  • - HD 89 Caucus Chair Dalton Lytle
  • - Over 75% of SD8 GOP Precinct Chairs

*Organization for identification purposes only