Conservative Van Taylor Earns North Texas Tea Party’s First ‘TeaApproved’ Recognition for 2014 Elections

PLANO, TX – The North Texas Tea Party (NTTP) announced Van Taylor is the first candidate in the 2014 election cycle to earn their ‘TeaApproved’ label.

“This first one [TeaApproval] was an easy decision for the NTTP Vetting Committee based on his record and our own knowledge of his work in Austin.  Van Taylor has an exceptionally conservative record in his two terms as State Representative, but more importantly, he has a unique capacity for developing and judging legislation objectively, irrespective of influences from lobbying groups or established power structures,” the NTTP said in an email yesterday.  “Van was one of very few willing to stand up to budget shenanigans that have become more prevalent in Austin of late.  The State Senate is in dire need of such wise and objective conservative characteristics.  And Van Taylor is one who can deliver them.”

“I want to thank the North Texas Tea Party for their kind words and the honor of earning their first ‘TeaApproved’ recognition this election cycle,” Taylor stated.  “The pillars that the NTTP stands for in limited government, fiscal and personal responsibility, rule of law, and national and state sovereignty are principles that every elected official should use while weighing public policy.  I thank the NTTP for the trust and confidence they have given to our campaign.”  

The North Texas Tea Party actively engages grassroots politics helping knock doors, phone bank, and get out the vote for ‘TeaApproved’ candidates.

Today’s ‘TeaApproved’ announcement comes on the heels of the unprecedented unanimous Senate District 8 House Delegation endorsements of State Representatives Jodie Laubenburg, Scott Turner, Scott Sanford, Jeff Leach, Stefani Carter, and Angie Chen Button.

In the Texas House, Taylor spearheaded legislation that would protect our children from online predators, make it easier for our military to vote while serving overseas, and revoke benefits from corrupt politicians.  Additionally, Taylor’s Truth in Taxation rule forced politicians to state clearly in the first line of any bill if there is an attempt to raise taxes or fees has been cited by Americans for Tax Reform as a successful blueprint for other states to implement.

Taylor is widely recognized as a leader for conservative principles earning the “Taxpayer Champion” award by Texans for Fiscal Responsibility, an over 100% pro-life rating from Texas Right to Life, and an A+ rating from the National Rifle Association.  Last week, Texas Eagle Forum named him “Top Rated Conservative” and Texas Conservative Coalition awarded him the “Courageous Conservative Award” for the 83rd Legislature.